High Waist Booty Shorts

*Please note: Our 'high waist' short will best fit with a waist size close to your hip width or larger. The more your waist is thinner than your hip, the top of the waistband might have a bit of a loose fit.

Featuring our custom 'REPZONE' materials. Each pair of booty shorts features RokFit's own curve-hugging, moisture-wicking, squat-proof nylon, poly, and spandex blends. Think of them as the perfect partner - there to support you when you need it but also give you room to breathe.

These shorts are fully custom from the ground up. And when we say that, we mean it. From choosing the right fabric weight, to weaving and dyeing, to making flattering fit adjustments in the cutting and sewing process, we've had you in mind the whole way.

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